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Nutrition For Shiftworkers & Nutrition In The Workplace

Our nutrition choices do not affect just our waistline, but our nutrition choices affect both professional and personal activities.


It is not just a case of eat this, and don't eat that, but we have to consider how the foods that we eat affect our energy levels, cognitive abilities, how our dietary habits interact with prescription medications, what those choices do to our hormone levels, and there are many more factors to nutrition than you realize that will help us to perform better professionally and socially.


Employees, do you want to perform better in work and out of work?

Do you want to avoid that mid afternoon energy slump?

Employers, do you want more productive employees, more attentive staff, less accidents at work, lower benefits/medical costs and do you want to get best bang for your buck with regard to your H&S dollars?


Email us NOW to book your management and staff "health investment" workshops.


News & EVENTS!


From the Fall of 2015, my Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss services will be available at the Urban Wellness Centre Gym in City Place in Winnipeg.


The week commencing Monday August 31st I will be available onsite at the Urban Wellness Centre Mon+Tue+Wed of that week so if you want to drop in for a chat then email me to let me know.


Initially I will be there for 2 days of the week, but I am flexible to book appointments outside of my proposed hours if needed.


I am excited to be partnering with another fitness industry award winner, Kathryn Sawatsky, who is the director of the Urban Wellness Centre and a much regarded friend and colleague.


I will also be bringing my

Nutrition For Shiftworkers &

Nutrition In The Workplace seminars to

the city too, so invest in my program;

and, improve your bottom line and

improve your staff productivity.


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I am so excited that you decided to stop by my page; and as a Nutritionist, I want to tell you about how using Holistic Nutrition protocols will get you in the best shape of your life and have you feeling the best you ever have.


You can check out my info section on here, but I am an award winning professional; published writer; public speaker; canfitpro PRO TRAINER; and best of all I am a certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach; with nutrition being my passion.


I am lucky in that I get to do what I LOVE! And what I LOVE doing, is that of helping my clients and friends to achieve optimal health and as a by product, they achive optimal weight too.


But why should you choose me for your health and weight loss goals and why should you choose Holistic Nutrition?


1. I treat everyone as an individual; we are all biochemically and genetically unique and there really is no one diet that fits all; my plans are customized to "you"; they will address your work, family and social life; food allergies, dislikes and lifestyle habits.


2. Being overweight is not actually a problem; being overweight is merely a symptom of a metabolic imbalance; and so I address the "cause" of why your body is holding onto that stubborn weight. A headache does not appear because your body is deficient in aspirin, there is a reason for the headache, and so I look under the hood to see what your metabolic imablances are and use holistic nutrition to create homeostasis.


3. As a Cancer Coach I can help you to learn how to eat to repair the body and be an integral part of preventing the cancer from returning; rather than you only managing the disease symptoms.


4. Holistic Nutritionists are not bound by the Canada Food Guide and so I do not ask my clients to think outside the box, but I make the box bigger, giving them more tools to choose from; addressing the "whole body".


5. I will provide education, knowledge, accountability, motivation and will be there as your coach to assist you with learning how to adopt new dietary and lifestyle habits; providing recipe e-books and even holding "Food Party" demonstrations in your home if you wish.


6. Poop!!! That got your attention; but the majority of people struggle to lose weight because they have a weak digestive system from years of poor dietary choices, and if your digestive system is weak, you will not be pooping efficiently or often enough, and if you are not pooping, you are not emptying your body's garbage can, which can lead to toxins leaching into the body causing many many problems, including a weakened immune system, which can lead to sickness and disease; and ask any of our friends and clients what our favourite topic is, and they will all tell you "poop"


7. As a certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, I have worked with many clients who have been clinically diagnosed as obese; and you can imagine, many of these clients often feel vulnerable, exhuasted and embarassed; but, my expertise and coaching skills have helped many of these clients, to not only lose in excess of 100 lbs, but I have helped them to regain their self esteem and health.


So why not book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me to discuss how I can help you to reach your ideal weight, have more energy, sleep better, be less fatigued and be in the best shape of your life.


Email me at karen@rpefitnessinc.com to book your FREE consultation NOW.